M/V Grand Unity-Navios Lines

M/V Grand Unity of Navios Lines. Click to Enlarge ©Raymond Lapus

Built in 1969 at the Narasaki Shipyard in Muroran, Japan, the ship now known as MV Grand Unity of Navios Lines has a colorful history. Initially built as the Taikan Maru No. 5 for Higashi Nippon Ferry, she initially came to the Philippines back in the late 1980’s through Trans Asia Shipping Lines as the Asia Brunei as part of the shipping company’s refleeting from cruisers to Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO) vessels.

During the late 2000’s, she was sold to Blue Magic Ferries and renamed as the Blue Water Princess 2 to serve the Lucena-Masbate route. Due to poor revenues in the route as well as the sinking of company mate Blue Water Princess 1, she stopped sailing and after some time was bought by a group headed by a former ship captain.

Originally registered as having a Gross Tonnage of 728GT, she is now at 1,079GT after the addition of scantling. She now cruises at a speed of 10 knots propelled by a pair of Daihatsu engines each providing 2,000 HP. She is rated as an Overnight Ferry-RORO due to the availability of bunks.

The forward part of the vehicle deck has been converted to passenger accommodation thus sealing the bow ramp of the vessel. Only the stern ramp is used to load rolling cargoes into the ship.

Interestingly, her sister in Japan, Taikan Maru No. 6, which also became her sister in Trans Asia as the Asia Indonesia, will be follwing her into Navios Lines as the Grand Venture.

She is currently serving the Batangas-Romblon-Cajidiocan route twice a week. Cajidiocan is a part of Romblon but in Sibuyan Island.


IMO 6929636
Built 1969 by Narasaki in Muroran, Japan
Steel hull, raked stem, transom stern, 2 masts
61.2m LOA
56.8m LR
12.8m Breadth
4.0m Depth
3.3m Draft
1079 GT
535 NT

M/V Grand Unity as Asia Brunei. ©John Cabsky
M/V Grand Unity as Blue Water Princess 2. Click to Enlarge. ©JM Letada
Asia Brunei Side View Drawing ©Ken Ledesma
M/V Grand Unity Side Drawing ©Ken Ledesma

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